8 Easy Steps to Finding the Right Supplier

We often sit while a client ponders if they have asked everything they need to ask in their search for finding the right supplier.  We offer suggestions and watch them frantically go through their notes.  This is the reason we have decided to write out 8 Easy Steps to finding the right supplier.  We hope you find it helpful.

  1. Carefully Choose your Suppliers.  With the creation of the internet there are no excuses to be seeing a bad supplier.  Most businesses these days have Websites, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts dedicated to what they do.  These pages should offer up photos of their work and keep you informed of what they are doing and have testimonials from clients.  This will help you in finding the right supplier for the job.
  2. Be Prepared for your Meeting. When the time of your meeting comes it is important to be prepared.  This might be that you need to have the information of other suppliers at what they are providing for your event.  It is also a fantastic idea to have images of what you would like to achieve if you have an idea already.  A supplier will find it easier to meet your needs if you have the same vision.  Floor plans and site maps are also a great tool for the supplier if they will be involved in the location itself.
  3. The Meeting.  Have your notes clearly organised so you can find them in the meeting.  On the day of the meeting be on time.  The supplier may have a meeting following yours and it is important to be on time so that you can get the most out of the time you have with them.  At the meeting don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You have the right to question them about their business and ask for examples.   In the meeting ask what their terms and conditions are as they should know these.   Find out what they require from you to make your event a success.
  4. Receiving the Quotes.  When you have all of the quotes from your suppliers make sure you check how long they are valid so you are aware.  Once you have received the quotes from your suppliers compare the details.  It is important to compare the quotes to what you have seen on their websites and social media outlets.  What might seem like a great deal may not be on the day.  If it seems too cheap… it probably is.  Your quote should outline exactly what you are getting and all inclusions.  If something is missing then make sure you contact the supplier to tell them to include it for the event.
  5. Securing the Supplier.  Once you accept a quote and choose a supplier a deposit may be required to secure them.  Make sure you have checked over the invoice and also read the terms and conditions before paying this deposit.  It is important to remember that you are the customer and you have a right to ask questions.
  6. Follow Up.  If you have sent some emails and you haven’t gotten a response then make sure you give them a call.  At different times of the year everyone is busy.  This happens very often in events.  They may just be busy and have not yet had time to get back to you however the email may have also not reached them.  So don’t be scared to ring an ask.
  7. Leading up to the Event.  Make sure that you keep in contact with your supplier.  Be aware of time frames and when things should be paid or lists be submitted to your supplier.  Be aware of what they are doing on the day so that you don’t have to be concerned on the day of the event.
  8. Trust the Suppliers Skills.  On the day you must relax and not be concerned about what else is going on.  If you have done everything correctly then you have chosen the right supplier and you must trust their skills.  Have a glass of champagne and relax.

As event stylists ourselves we find that clients who do these things are a lot more stress free than those who are feeling disorganised.  We hope that these 8 Easy steps to finding the Right Supplier have helped you with your event.  If you have any extra ones or experiences that you would like to add then please comment below as we are sure this would be very helpful for others.  We would like to invite you to contact us if you are looking for a recommendation on a supplier.

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Redlands Retail Awards 2012

On the 4th August 2012 the 9th annual Redlands Retail Awards were held at Sheldon Events Centre with the cooperation of the Redlands Chamber of Commerce.  For the 3rd year in a row we were contacted to be involved in this great event so we decided to become Bronze Sponsors.  We were given a theme of Winter Wonderland we came up with a proposal which was accepted and for the first time in a few years we were the sole event stylists for the event.

Numbers for the event climbed to 550 people and we recruited our entire team to make our vision come to reality.  The centrepieces were glass cylinders with our beautiful white and silver willow sticks stretching out above them from the centre.  The vases were sitting on white LED light bases creating a lovely white glow up onto the sticks.  Hanging from the sticks were our lovely crystal droplets.


On the stage we organised for a white starry night backdrop across the 15m space.  In front of that we floated big silver stars to create the perfect background for the awards host Steven Bradbury.   With Sheldon Events Centre’s spectacular lighting the atmosphere was magic.  As sponsors for the event we were thrilled to attend the night.  What a great fun of awards, fantastic food and drink and some dancing.  We cheered for all of those who are our customers and colleagues and celebrated with them.

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Ceremony Hire Gallery

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Maid of Honour

When your close friend comes to you and asks you to be her maid of honour, she is expressing to you how important you are to her life. It may be that you have been friends since childhood or perhaps you have met later in life however the role is an honour and also a great responsibility. They have not only chosen to marry the one they love but to ask you to stand by their side and to lean on you during the process leading up to the big day.

The maid of honour is there to help the bride. This may be through making phone calls, holding her hand while she cries and stresses or burning your finger tips while pushing down the hot glue on the invitations (telling you from experience). Yes, there will be times during the process you may regret saying yes, however in the end it will all be worth it and in the speech you make on the big day you will draw from your friendship to express how you feel about the bride and the man she is going to marry.

The maid of honour speech should be heartfelt, funny and deep. The guests of the wedding should leave feeling that they know why you were chosen for this special role. Think about adding a few stories about the bride that help people understand her character. Don’t tell stories that may be embarrassing for her but stories that may make her laugh (or cry). It is important that what you do share is interesting and well told. A great speech will perhaps tell a few that show her fun and cheeky side but then move on to show the serious side of her as well.

There are many blogs and examples out there to help you write a speech so we have listed some of our favourites below:

Maid of Honour Duties

Best Maid of honour Speeches

Sample Speeches

More Samples

So we send you off on your way with the following words – be great, have fun and the wedding day will finally come so there is a light at the end of the tunnel – hang in there!

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Ideal Bride Expo

Ideal BrideThe Ideal Bride Expo was on last weekend at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane.  We were lucky enough to get the opportunity from Ideal Bride to style the stage for the fashion show.  What a wonderful opportunity for our team.  Putting up a massive 12m backdrop which has been our largest yet and the opportunity to put our brand new iron arches on display was fantastic. The runway showcased some beautiful dresses from many wedding boutiques across Brisbane. We would very much like to thank Michelle from Von Maedler Photography for providing us with some photos for our blog.

The Ideal Bride Expo saw nearly 700 brides come in over the 2 days and I think we talked to nearly everyone of them.  Our feet certainly told us we did.  Our 6m display stand nestled between Evoke Studios and Royal On The Park allowed us to put some new centrepieces together and we were happy to get a lot of interest in every one of them.

Last Sunday we also sent a team down to a local wedding expo at Cleveland.  The team set up a full ceremony out the back of the Redlands Boat Club which created a lot of interest.  It was nice for the team to see some of our upcoming brides and meet some new ones.

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Wedding Expo – The Bayside Bridal Fair 2012

Our first Wedding Expo – The Bayside Bridal Fair 2012  at the Wynnum RSL was on Sunday!

The boutique fair saw over 100 brides come through the door and it was great to meet and chat with the new brides and the odd groom that had made the journey!

We had a lot of centrepieces on display and also some items from our great range of guest books, wedding favours and champagne flutes.  The RSL was nice enough to let us setup our big bamboo arch and our new seagrass runner in a lovely ceremony setup.

The ceremony was used to host a mock wedding ceremony twice during the day and people got to experience the beach style setup.   The bride looked stunning dressed by Rebecca from Penny Lane Bridal with hair and makeup by Judith McGoldrick and a beautiful beaded bouquet by Mad Monnie.  The groom looked handsome dressed by Paul from Ferrari Formal.  The groom walked the room offering the brides to be sushi while they were able to taste the champagne the RSL had on offer!  They were also able to taste the flavours of cake with samples from The Cheesecake Shop.  We were particularly impressed with the beautiful ice sculptures by Angel Ice Sculptures which were absolutely amazing!

We had a great time mingling with the other exhibitors and seeing their skills and we thank everyone for the lovely comments we received on our own products.  We will be on display again this coming weekend at a local wedding expo at the Redlands Boat Club at Cleveland.  If you are thinking of attending a bridal expo then remember the following things… if you get there about an hour and a half before it ends then you beat people packing up however vendors will have more time to talk to you and you are just in time for the cakes to be cut up so they don’t have to take them home…yummmmm.

Facebook Link

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Candy Buffet Tips!

Welcome to our very first blog to celebrate the launch of our new website!  We thought that we might start by sharing our candy buffet tips and some photos on our candy buffets/lolly buffets since they are the latest craze to be hitting the events circuit!

Lately we have had so many enquiries about our candy buffets because people are realising that if you give the guests some sugar everyone will leave happy.   Beautiful Illusions candy buffets will never leave you disappointed.  Each buffet is styled perfectly to your event and we offer free personalisation.  This means that each little cello bag can have your name on it at no extra charge!  We also find it fun designing the labels and the theme to match your event perfectly.

For those who love DIY we thought we might add some tips if you are doing your own candy buffet.  We offer DIY packs if this can help with candy jars and scoops…

Use vases of all different heights and it is sometimes fun to use buckets and other coloured containers or plates.

Try to get a mixture of wrapped and unwrapped candy as it makes it a little more fun.

If you are using smaller quanities of candy then try to bulk the bottom up using some coloured wrapping or tissue paper as this will create the illusion that there is more.

 Don’t use big containers or bags as the guests only need to sample, not to stock up for a week.

Make labels that match your theme and colours as this will add the attention to detail.

If you don’t want to have to do any of this… call us and we will do it all for you!

If you would like to see a few more photos from us then head over to our facebook page for some more!



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