Sheldon Events Centre – Australian School of the Arts Academy Awards

Last weekend was the Sheldon College’s Australian School of the Arts (ASTA) big night – the Arts Academy Awards! The spotlight shone out the front of Sheldon Events Centre and shot out into the sky for all of Redlands City to see. This was Beautiful Illusions first year of being the event stylists for this huge event. With 700 guests our biggest event so far. Watching it progress was amazing. Here is a time lapse video done by the Sheldon Event’s Centre for last year’s Awards. This year we did a black and white theme with only a little colour. Black and white alternating chair covers were put on to the chairs and damask sashes were tied around. The tables had our beautiful “Dewdrop” centrepiece added. The centrepiece was placed on top of an LED light base which shot rotating colours of light up through the water in blue, green, red, purple and all the colours in between. Yet again we were impressed at the magnitude of Sheldon Events Centre’s amazing transformation into the leading event venue in Redlands City. The new amazing black curtains that adorn the walls of the centre along with the fantastic carpeting make a wonderful blank canvas for any event. Redlands City’s local paper the Bayside Bulletin captured some beautiful images that were added to their article available here including a great room shot from the night. We love doing big corporate events. It gives our imaginations time to run wild with ideas (within reason). To go and experience the atmosphere of everyone working together to create the night is something that cannot be explained. If your company is looking for a large venue for your corporate event then give the team at Sheldon Events Centre a call as they will definitely be able to meet your needs. Facebook
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