When your close friend comes to you and asks you to be her maid of honour, she is expressing to you how important you are to her life. It may be that you have been friends since childhood or perhaps you have met later in life however the role is an honour and also a great responsibility. They have not only chosen to marry the one they love but to ask you to stand by their side and to lean on you during the process leading up to the big day.

The maid of honour is there to help the bride. This may be through making phone calls, holding her hand while she cries and stresses or burning your finger tips while pushing down the hot glue on the invitations (telling you from experience). Yes, there will be times during the process you may regret saying yes, however in the end it will all be worth it and in the speech you make on the big day you will draw from your friendship to express how you feel about the bride and the man she is going to marry.

The maid of honour speech should be heartfelt, funny and deep. The guests of the wedding should leave feeling that they know why you were chosen for this special role. Think about adding a few stories about the bride that help people understand her character. Don’t tell stories that may be embarrassing for her but stories that may make her laugh (or cry). It is important that what you do share is interesting and well told. A great speech will perhaps tell a few that show her fun and cheeky side but then move on to show the serious side of her as well.

So we send you off on your way with the following words – be great, have fun and the wedding day will finally come so there is a light at the end of the tunnel – hang in there!